ZDTV was a 24-hour cable network with programming and information about all things digital (computers, the Internet, digital gadgets, etc.). Paul provided the voice of Dash, an animated character created in real-time using motion-capture animation technology.

Dash was one of two on-air hosts of ZDTV. He appeared in on-air promos for the network, as well as on the nightly ZDTV program Internet Tonight. In that show, Dash reported daily on the latest in cool homepages in a segment called "The Homepage Hall of Fame".
While providing Dash's voice, Paul operated specially-designed gloves that controlled Dash's mouth movements. Paul also wrote and edited scripts for Dash.
ZDTV was eventually sold and its name was changed to TechTV. It was later acquired by Comcast, which merged the channel with its own network G4, and for awhile the channel was known as G4TechTV. Finally, the 'TechTV' portion of the name was dropped, effectively ending the network.

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