Paul is an established actor with an extensive resume in film, telelvision, theatre and voiceover.

Paul's first headshot.
It all started with an 8-track recorder. And a dream.

Paul was born at a very young age. At two years old, he was introduced to show business when his parents, Robert and Rhonda, sat him down in front of the family's hi-fi console stereo system with a built-in 8-track tape recorder and microphone, and demanded that he entertain them.

Not one to disappoint, Paul soon began obliging his mom and dad with impersonations of the various TV celebrities that he'd been exposed to on network television at the time...including Johnny Carson (to whom Paul is distantly related) Bob Barker, and Monty Hall.

Oozing style from an early age.

At age seven, Paul was given his own 8-track/ record/ stereo/ hi-fi system (pictured below), and regularly entertained the listeners of the local radio station with his live renditions of popular Kenny Rogers' songs. In his spare time away from his intense 2nd grade studies, he imagined himself as the next Casey Kasem while recording his own versions of the radio countdown show AMERICAN TOP 40.

Exhibiting his prowess as a rootin', tootin', dancin' machine. All while being able to pull off those PJs.

At age nine, Paul hadn't yet learned a cardinal rule of theatre: Never let yourself be upstaged by another actor wearing a cape.
Paul has proudly kept the same haircut since fifth grade.

It was about this age that Paul, in an attempt to take over the world, began to participate in his elementary school choir. Though he didn't succeed at his evil plan, he did win over the critics over as "Dr. Zarkov" in a 4th-grade production of FLASH GORDON, in addition to his star turn as the video game junkie (above).

Paul (right) and Spencer Strauss in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS.

Realizing that doing plays was perhaps a good way to meet girls, Paul was bitten hard by the acting bug in started high school. He performed in countless plays in and out of school and -- in a moment of ultimate theatre geekdom -- was the president of his high school's drama club.

After high school he attended UC Davis, where he majored in theatre. Paul continued to work on the stage in college, keeping busy with acting when he was off for summer break. During one summer, Paul took acting classes in Los Angeles during the week, and flew to Northern California to do a play on the weekends. In his last year of college, he wrote and performed in a play that premiered at the ICA festival in Santa Cruz.

After college, Paul moved to San Francisco, got his SAG card, and started working steadily in commercials, industrial films and independent film projects. He studied for two years with local coach Ed Hooks.

At the request of his San Francisco agent, Paul leapt into voiceover. Soon he was hired full-time by ZDTV, a national cable network, to write scripts and provide the voice for Dash, a cartoon character who appeared in on-air promos for the network.

Against the advice of his wallet, Paul left his rent-controlled San Francisco apartment and made the move to Los Angeles.

Staring down the matte box of an Arriflex while on his hands and knees in a dress, Paul has a moment of clarity and decides that this is the career for him.

In Los Angeles, Paul began working as a reader in casting offices and studying with such luminaries as Larry Moss, Jeffrey Tambor and the late Cynthia Szigeti. In the years since he has arrived, Paul has established himself as a formidable talent, and has the resume to show it. He has worked behind the camera as well, having written and produced the short films MEMENTOS and OUR MAN IN MADRAS.

In his off hours, Paul had been known to 'give back' by jetting off to the deep forests of Greenland to rescue baby pup seals from illegal rusty steel traps. Now that he is married with a child, he prefers to spend his volunteer hours closer to home, where he is involved with the YOUNG STORYTELLERS FOUNDATION and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. “I don’t always drink beer”, he once said, “but when I do, I prefer the same brand as that guy in the Dos Equis commercials”.